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Application account at University of Freiburg and

For the participation in DoSV (dialogue-oriented service procedure) you need an application account in the application portal of University of Freiburg and a user account by In this article you will learn about the following options that HISinOne offers in connection with a account.

Retrieving personal master data from during registration in HISinOne

  • If you have user access to, you can retrieve your data from there during registration in HISinOne. After authenticating your BID and BAN, your data in the formular would be pre-filled with the information from

  • If you already have an active application in central procedure at the University of Freiburg by and specify BID/BAN during registration in HISinOne, your application would then be automatically transferred to HISinOne and your HISinOne application account would be linked with
  • If there is no application in the central procedure and you have specified BID/BAN during registration in HISinOne, then the HISinOne application account will not be linked with It is still possible to use any BID that is still unknown in the application portal of the University of Freiburg.
  • By submitting an application in DoSV via BID/BAN, the local application account will be linkd with After that another BID can no longer be used.

Retrieve the application from the central procedure (medicine, pharmacy, dentistry)

  • If you have active applications in the central procedure, you can transfer these to the application portal of Uni Freiburg via the overview site 'Studies offered' → 'Online application' and through specifying BID/BAN.

  • Then a dialog for authetification with BID/BAN follows. Enter your BID and BAN (1) and click „Link with account“ (2).

  • The local application account would then be linked with and status changes of applications in the central procedure would also updated to HISinOne. Another BID can no longer be used after this.

Alignment of personal master data with for linked accounts

  • If the application account has been linked to, then data is exchanged automatically. Personal master data (name, date of birth,…) and contact data are regularly transferred from and updated in HISinOne. Therefore, please make changes to this data directly at

Change of BID

  • A change of the account and the BID is not provided for in HISinOne. If there are reasons for changing the BID, please first check whether your HISinOne application account is actually linked to Only retrieving personal master data and contact data does not link the account to
  • If you have active applications from the DoSV or central procedure in HISinOne and must change the BID, then please do not register again in HISinOne but contact stating your reasons for changing the BID with your old and new BID.

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