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Portal messages and email notifications to students, applicants, etc.

Automated portal messages/email notifications are sent to students, applicants, guest students, doctoral students, employees, external persons/guests on various occasions.

What are the portal messages?

Here is the listing of automated portal messages/email notifications that are currently active or not active in the system for the target groups addressed above.

active portal news trigger Inhalt der E-Mail EN
Yes Status change for course registration (1) The status „registered“ has been assigned.
(2) The status „registered“ has been withdrawn.
a new enrollment status has occurred for the course:
{number/0} {semester-dependent title/1}
Location: {room, building, campus/3}
Lecturer/s: {firstname surname/4}

The enrollment status has either been changed to „confirmation of participation“ or changed from „confirmation of participation“ to another status. Please log in to HISinOne to find out the details of the course status under „My course enrollments and exam registrations“ (only the rejections in the automatic procedure are shown here).
Yes Move up in course When moving up in the course from the waiting list. Your participation in course „{0}“ is confirmed
No (Fehler) Status change in examination achievements
No (Fehler) Status change in examination data
No (Fehler) Status change in achievement / Posting of a valuation

Where can I see the portal news?

QR-Code Portal messages and email notifications to students, applicants, etc. (erstellt für aktuelle Seite)