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How to search for module descriptions

Even if you are not logged in, you can find the released module discriptions via „Studies offered“ → „Module descriptions“.

An online module handbook displays:

  • the structure of the degree program,
  • ECTS, recommended semesters, semester hours as well as
  • detail pages of modules and courses with further descriptions.

How to find the module descriptions

  1. You can reach module descriptions via „studies offered“ → „View module handbooks“.
  2. Search criteria can be the degree aimed for or the subject of study. The drop-down window is for entering the subject of study. This will result in all possible matches.

  3. In the results you will choose the program of studies with the correct examination regulations. You can access the module structure of the relevant program of studies.

  4. The module structure provides detailed information on:
    - how the respective program of studies is structured,
    - the exam type and course type
    - recommended term of study,
    - ECTS-points for modules
    - as well as the amount of the sum of contact hours per week.
    You can access the module or course description for more details.

  5. Detailed module/course descriptions provide specific information on
    (1) the chosen module
    (2) on requirements
    (3) as well as a descriptions of the module/course

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