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How do I attend classes at the PH Freiburg and vice versa?

The Pädagogische Hochschule Freiburg and the Universität Freiburg concluded a cooperation agreement on teacher training in October 2014. The objectives include joint master's programs in secondary education, cooperation on bachelor's programs in secondary education, and close coordination in the design of information technology requirements for joint teaching programs. The following describes how students of the two universities can take the mutually approved courses and gain access to the IT systems of the other university.

PH-accounts for students of University of Freiburg

Since the winter semester 2022/23, all students in the study programs Polyvalent Two-Major Bachelor's Program and Master of Education will automatically be enrolled at the University of Freiburg when they enroll at the Albert Ludwig University and will automatically receive PH accounts in addition to the university account. This does not apply to students who object to the data transfer.

This is not yet valid for students who are only enrolled in the extension master. The corresponding agreements between the universities are still missing here.

As of mid-October 2022, there are still delays on the part of the PH in the creation of PH accounts and enrollment.

Enrolled university students will receive a notification email about their PH account and can activate it online. In doing so, it is necessary to confirm the recognition of the IDM University Regulations of PH Freiburg. The procedure is described at the Wiki of PH Freiburg.

Uni-Accounts für PH-Student

Opening of university courses for PH students (teaching export of the university).

  • The university's shared courses are displayed in the campus management LSF of the PH Freiburg as a copy and can be registered there by PH students.
  • The faculties, institutions and teaching staff of the university can communicate with the SeK I-students of PH Freiburg in the same way with students of the University of Freiburg in the campus management system of the university (lists of participants, e-mail to participants, …) or in the e-learning system ILIAS of the university.
  • If PH students are admitted to courses manually, this can be done via the PH e-mail address or via the additionally assigned university matriculation number. On the PH side, an Excel tool is available that can be used to export university enrollment numbers to complete PH enrollment lists. In addition, the tool can also be used to look up individual matriculation numbers. The tool is available at the PH in the PH wiki for the transmission of the PH students' attendance lists to the university (registration with PH account required). Additionally, a matching list PH matriculation number/Uni matriculation number can be requested from the FACE office.
  • The PH students can use the necessary systems of the university with a special Uni-Account, which they receive automatically. In places where the PH students would need the UniCard at the university, they can use the PH-Card.

University staff members can find detailed instructions on how to share courses under
Veranstaltung | Lehrveranstaltungen der Universität Freiburg für PH-Studierende freigeben (Lehrexport).

Opening of courses of the PH Freiburg for university students (teaching import from the PH)

  • The departments of subjects independently organize the exchange of the registration lists. The account generation has been changed for the summer semester 2019.
  • There is currently no matching list Uni matriculation number/PH matriculation number. The PH currently only registers UniStudents in the PH identity management system, but not in the campus management system. Uni students therefore only receive a PH account at the PH, but no PH matriculation number.
  • University students do not receive a PH-Card, as payment in the PH canteen is possible with the UniCard.

University staff members can find detailed instructions on how to import courses under
Veranstaltung | Lehrveranstaltungen der PH Freiburg in das Lehrangebot der Universität Freiburg importieren.

Information from PH Freiburg on the procedure

Terminschiene für den Datenaustausch Accounterzeugung (PH) bzw. Immatrikulation und Accounterzeugung (Uni)

Termine ab Sommersemester 2019

  • Von Uni an PH: Nächtlich (ab Mitte März 2019): Datenübermittlung aller M.Ed-.Studierende Uni sowie der PolyBac Uni veranstaltungsunabhängig an die PH. Die Verarbeitung an der PH erfolgt nicht täglich.
  • Von PH an Uni: Zu bestimmten Stichtagen, die jedes Semester neu festgelegt werden und sich an den Belegzeiträumen der PH orientieren..

Terminschiene für den Datenaustausch Veranstaltungsbelegungen

  • Wird individuell zwischen den beteiligten Fakultäten und Einrichtungen geregelt

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