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Which information can I find on the course detail view?

There are two important tabs on the course detail view

  • 'Basic data' and
  • 'Groups / Appointments',

from which useful informations can be gathered.

Tab 'Basic data'

  1. Under tab 'Basic Data' you can find
  2. Information concernig course contents, requirements, teaching goals, etc.
  3. Formal information e.g. frequency, Credit Points (ECTS), semester periods per week.
  4. Information concerning enrollment periods

Tab 'Groups / Appointments'

Under tab 'Groups / Appointments' you can

  1. save course in your personal schedule, export data for calendars and show single event dates
  2. find information concerning lecturers and number of attendees
    Note: After logging in you will see more contact details. In some cases, no contact data is stored/shared. If needed, contact the appropriate program coordinator.
  3. find course rhythm, date and location
  4. find single dates with changes

  5. Click on the yellow triangle to display an overview of all single dates with changes.
    Tip: Move the mouse over the yellow triangle in the respective line to see the origin information.

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