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>> How to enroll for courses

Many courses can be enrolled for via HISinOne. Some courses can be attended without formal enrollment procedure (if you fulfil the necessary prerequisites) or the faculty / department who offers the course has their own enrollment procedure or system.
Therefore, please inform yourself at your relevant faculty/department if there is an enrollment procedure in place and when are the deadlines.

NOTE: In HISinOne the deadlines for enrollment are visible on the course detail page. Please check the correct semester/year.

Enrollment for courses in HISinOne is set up for students. Some courses are also activated for guests or candidate students (before matriculation) to enroll.

A confirmation of participation in the enrollment process DOES NOT MEAN you are automatically registered for the relevant exam. Please sign up for exams separately. More details can be found here How to enroll for examinations and non-graded works.

Manuals offered by faculties and departments concerning their own enrollment procedures

General enrollment procedure

Within the enrollment period

  1. Log in to HISinOne
  2. click the enrollment icon (only visible during enrollment periods)
  3. follow the enrollment procedure. Find details concerning different enrollment processes below.
  4. An overview of your courses and enrollment statuses with information about dates, rooms, teaching staff and an option to cancel courses can be found under My course enrollments and exam registrations
  5. When the enrollment status changes to 'confirmation of participation' you will receive a confirmation e-mail. Also, on the HISinOne start page a notification will be shown in the portlet 'My News'.

The following enrollment processes are explained below:

1. Enrollment with instant admission

  • In some courses (such as lectures with great numbers of participants) you can enroll immediately. Then a confirmation notification will be shown.

  • You can cancel a course by clicking 'Sign off'. Again a notification will be shown.

2. Enrollment with group preferences

  • In courses with various groups you have to choose group priorities: Which group is your preferred one, which is your second priority, etc. You will be admitted (status 'confirmation of participation') to only one group (like '1 of 4'). In the following screenshot the Planner of Studies is used for enrollments: Clicking 'apply' will bring you to the enrollment dialogue.

  • Enrollment Dialogue:
  1. You have to choose at least group priority 1. Other group priorities also can be chosen. These priorities are important if there are more applicants than the maximum number of participants and the group with your first group priority will be rejected. Then the next group priority will be taken into consideration.
  2. Then confirm by clicking 'Enroll now'.

  • A confirmation notification will be shown
  1. with your submitted group priorities.
  2. By clicking 'Back to overview' you get back to the previous page.

3. Enrollment with course preferences

  • In some modules you can only attend a limited number of courses. Like in the following screenshot only one course ('1 of 3') can be booked (status 'confirmation of participation').

  • By clicking 'apply' you will get to the enrollment procedure where you can set course priorities.
  1. Choose 'Preferred' for your most preferred course.
    Please note how many courses you should set to 'Preferred'. That's important for events with a possible choice such as '2 of n'. You will get as many courses as you set to 'Preferred'.
  2. The alternative selection increases the chance for admitting a course when you e.g. don't get an admission to your most preferred course because of too many applicants.
    Please set your alternative choices sequentially.
  3. Combined Process: Course priority and group priority can appear in combination.
  4. Please confirm your choice by clicking 'Now enroll/Sign off'.

  • A confirmation notification will be shown
  1. with your submitted course priorities. Please note: Courses with only one group will change status 'Preferred' or 'Alternativ' automatically to 'registered (Priority 1)'.
  2. By clicking 'Back to overview' you get back to the previous page.

4. Waiting list

  • In some courses a waiting list is used: If the maximum number of attendees has already been reached at the time when you want to enroll to this course you can register to a wating list. If enrolled persons then cancel the course you can move up to the course in order of your rank on the waiting list.
  • In the enrollment dialogue you can see how many people are already placed on the waiting list. If you want to register yourself for the waiting list please click 'enroll'.

  • A confirmation notification will be shown
  1. with your waiting list rank.
  2. By clicking 'Back to overview' you get back to the previous page.

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