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My course enrollments and exam registrations

'My Studies' → 'My course enrollments and exam registrations'

Here you will find an overview of

  • booked courses with current status
  • accepted exams with current status
  • registered non-graded works with current status

Overview of your enrollments, exam registrations, registered non-graded works and their current status

  • This overview can be found under 'My Studies' → 'My course enrollments and exam registrations'.
  • Initially, either the current or the upcoming semester will be displayed.
  1. Useful information, e.g. regarding the status of a course, can be found by clicking on the Help button.
  2. Here you can switch to another semester.
  3. To have a clearer view, you can hide lectures or examination/non-graded works.
  4. You can download an overview of your course enrollments and exam registrations as a PDF document.
  5. Here you see available dates, rooms, lecturers/examiners.
  6. The current status of your enrollment/exam registration will be displayed here.
  7. On the detail view page of the course/exam/non-graded work, you can find further useful information, e.g. the booking period of a course, cancelled dates etc.
  8. Under ´Actions´ you can sign off from a course/exam/non-graded work or re-book it, respectively (during the time period set by the faculty/institution).

State: 03.2019 (Partial update: )

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