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>> How to plan my study in HISinone

Here you will learn how to keep track of your studies with/in HISinOne

putting together the timetable

  1. As soon as the upcoming semester is unlocked, you can start compiling your schedule for the upcoming semester.
    • Activation summer semester: 2nd Monday in January
    • Activation winter semester: 1st Monday in July
  2. You can look for suitable courses
    • especially in planner of studies
    • or search for specific courses using the function search for courses
    • or have a look at the course plan. Please note: Depending on the subject, this function may or may not be very well maintained (incomplete or empty display). If you are interested, please ask the program coordinator of the subject.
    • In certain situations, the course catalogue can also become helpful.
  3. Find a suitable or interesting course via the planner of studies / the course search / the study program course plan,

register for courses

If a course is to be registered,

  1. register in the designated registration period. Details on registration periods are visible on the course details page, provided that the registration has been set up. If you have any questions about course registration, please contact the course coordinator for the subject.
  2. If necessary, you need to withdraw from the course.

register for examination and non-graded coursework

call up transcript of records

You can see the courses you have taken, the credits you have registered for, and the examinations you have registered for in your transcript of records. As soon as non-graded courseworks and examinations have been assessed, you will see your results here. To access the transcript of records, go to „My studies | my achievements“. Follow the instructions My Achievements/Transcript of Records

Re-registration for the following semester

The time has come: You need to re-register for the next semester. → Reregistration

change contact data

Do you wish to change your contact data? If yes → Student service

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